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Are there any other associated symptoms or conditions that the patient feels may be associated with or be contributing to the pain.
I then proceed with a focused, detailed physical examination which generally entails an examination of the back, abdomen, pelvic examination, including digital examination, and a vaginal ultrasound.
I embrace the unpredictable interferences as interruptions to the luscious color and controlled lines. .You can also order tamales and salsas and more.Following this evaluation of the patient in an acute pain episode, I generally have a very good idea as regards the source of the pain.I then discuss this with the patient and, if they are required, order further laboratory or radiologic studies that may be useful in further confirming the diagnosis.We then discuss what I feel are these origins of the pain and what are the therapeutic options to treat the pain.If you have any questions about my approach to the assessment and treatment of chronic pelvic pain, please do not hesitate to contact.Each painting or pastel drawing is a map leading to an adventure of color, mark, and space. .
Out of a riot of lines, spaces and colors comes a titillating surface that beckons the viewer to relax and enjoy the journey.
After 30 years of continuously creating art I often wonder what new insights I bring to my work. .
I tell my students that we each have our own circle in life. .
The second step to successfully evaluating and treating pelvic pain is to have the opportunity to evaluate the patient while she is in her classic pelvic pain with their classic symptoms.Take 3 of the torn pieces and tie the ends together with a rubber band.My art is a chaotic blend of chance and careful planning which is an apt metaphor for life. .That old saying still rings true, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.A shotgun approach rarely results in an adequate relief of pain and a return to a normal lifestyle for the individual who suffers from this condition.Sorry if the directions get you a little lost, but it really is easy.I do not believe in putting bandaids on the pain with narcotics or chronic pain management solutions.I feel that my obligation is to present all of the therapeutic options openly, fairly, and evenly to the patient, including realistic expectations of the chances for pain relief with the different treatments.It is then the patients responsibility to let me know how they would like to proceed.Then, I figured why not make one out of my scraps.